Illya “Zetaman” King

Considered the most proactive and influential real-life superhero in the world, Illya “Zetaman” King is intensely passionate about helping those in need. Since becoming Zetaman in 2006, Illya has expanded his activism from helping the homeless to conducting safety patrols, inventing one-of-a-kind fundraisers, and partnering with charity organizations. He is the founder and leader of The Alternates, a team of Northwest real-life superheroes determined to make their cities better for all.

Illya is the epitome of comic book geek turned real-life superhero. He patrols the streets by night in a costume inspired by his favorite heroes, and he carries a stun gun, police baton and a backpack full of supplies. Illya’s costume includes 20-pounds of Zetaman-stylized tactical S.W.A.T. armor. He practices the defensive martial art aikido.

While juggling a full-time career, his marriage and being Zetaman, Illya pursues his childhood dream by drawing his own comic book starring Zetaman and The Alternates. Armed with his own pencil and Agent Null’s pen, Illya tirelessly labors at his comic book despite an uncertain publication future.

Illya is the consummate leader and friend. He mentors young Danny, keeps a watchful eye on ever-volatile Tracy, mediates disputes between heroes, and coordinates regular team meetups. Five years after his ascent into costumed activism, Illya’s innovative fundraisers, relentless ambition, steadfast leadership and charismatic charm have catapulted him to the forefront of the real-life superhero community.

Apocalypse Meow

Allison “Apocalypse Meow” King

Fearless and feisty, Allison “Ms. Meow” King attributes her tough-as-nails attitude to her mother and upbringing. It’s this attitude that propels Allison to fiercely protect those who can’t defend themselves. Allison feels blessed to have been able to overcome hardships in her life and to be in the position to help others do the same.

Allison married Illya in 2001; he is her best friend and absolutely the love of her life. Together they’ve weathered unemployment, loss of loved ones, and a gamut of health concerns related to reproductive health problems. Illya introduced Allison to the world of real-life superheroes. She initially accompanied him only on patrols and in street clothes, but in 2007 Allison joined the superhero team full time. She created Apocalypse Meow and designed a costume inspired by heroic female figures. Allison hosts a call-in online radio show every Sunday night called “Meow and Friends” where she discusses a variety of weird and funny topics with callers.

Her lifelong goal is to be a mother and use her childhood experience for a healthy purpose. In the meantime, she’s advancing daily as a positive force in her marriage, her community and herself. In 2010, Allison shed 70 pounds and plans to become a weight loss coach. Later that year, she and Illya excitedly began the process to adopt a child.

Agent Null

Tracy “Agent Null” Hudson

Tracy “Agent Null” Hudson, the lead writer and co-artist of Illya’s comic book, is a self-professed supervillain…albeit a really bad one. Tracy is a carefree spitfire with a troubled past. Despite being close friends, he and Illya are polar opposites. For all Tracy’s sidesplitting candor, his personal demons cause constant concern for Illya.

Life has been tough for Tracy. He grew up in a broken home and spent much of his troubled youth in a home for boys. As a young adult, Tracy found his niche in nursing and attended college to study art and writing, but personal demons haunted him. He spent time in an Oregon prison as a result. After his release, Tracy moved in with his mother as she battled cancer. He cared for and grew close to the woman that he barely knew growing up. After her passing, Tracy succumbed to his old ways.

In 2008, Tracy met Illya after reading about Zetaman in Portland’s popular Willamette Week newspaper. Illya’s friendship proved a positive force in Tracy’s life, and later that year Tracy created Agent Null. He’s since returned to college to complete his degree and began writing for a counter-culture Northwest magazine. In March 2010, Tracy revealed his battle with addiction and voluntarily entered treatment.

The Antiman

Danny “Antiman” Parker

Danny “Antiman” Parker, the energetic, hormonally charged 21-year-old newcomer, is quickly becoming an important member of the crime fighting team. After a short-lived stint in the military, Danny began patrolling the streets of his run-down neighborhood in Portland. Determined to halt crime, the brave vigilante monitors police scanners and studies crime reports in preparation for his nightly patrols.

Danny lives at home with his parents who, despite Danny’s passionate and proud commitment to justice, disapprove of his decision to be a real-life superhero. He trains in multiple forms of hand-to-hand and weapon-based combat, and he constructed a working Batman-style grapple gun.