About ZetamanTV

ZetamanTV is a reality series that chronicles the crime fighting, comic book drawing and fundraising adventures of real-life superhero Illya “Zetaman” King and his superhero-posse.

Illya is the epitome of comic book geek turned real-life superhero. He patrols the streets by night in a costume inspired by his favorite heroes and draws his own comic book by day.

The costumed activist invents one-of-a-kind fundraisers, and - along with feisty wife Allison "Apocalypse Meow" - hosts a call-in radio show for heroes and continues a decade-long odyssey toward parenthood.

With the help of hilarious but troubled supervillain Tracy "Agent Null," vigilante youngster Danny "Antiman" and an eclectic gang of Northwest heroes, Illya relentlessly pursues his mission of making heroic change while having a lot of fun doing it.